Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marc Chagall

Self Portrait
I love the color in this painting and the fact that he gave himself seven fingers on his left hand. 
I also liked the little cloud coming out of his head of what he was anticipating on painting.

I chose Marc Chagall as my 'Artist for Research' because I love his painting style, his use of color, and the stories that he incorporates into his paintings.

Marc Chagall (born 1887 in Vitebsk, Russia) grew up in a poor Jewish family where he learned all about Russian folklore, Jewish mysticism, and life in the village. his mother urged him to attend art school and in 1910, he was offered an allowance to study in Paris. Chagall was exposed to many different art forms while in Paris. In his paintings, there are often images depicting farm animals and the village where he grew up in as a child. A lot of these images hover in space or are superimposed the way there are layered in memory. His paintings are intensely colorful and often cubist looking. Chagall also illustrated many books, painted a ceiling of the Paris Opera Building, and fabricated stained glass windows for multiple churches and for the United Nations in NYC. He died in 1985 in France.

The Dance
I love the craziness in this painting, it's kind of like everyone's dancing around just as the name suggests. I also like how some of the figures are defying gravity and how the green girl is outstretching her arm dramatically  towards the red creature.

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