Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reflection Post

Going into this year I had many advantages and a few disadvantages. One of my major advantages coming into this class was my overall interest in creating art. Another one of my advantages was that I had taken an art class, Art Affects, in 9th grade. One disadvantage I had coming into the year was that I had taken a full year off from taking any art class in our high school. Throughout last year I found myself doodling all over my notebooks of various classes as a result of having no set time during the day to express my artistic side. This year has helped me push my artistic capabilities to new heights. Before this class I, had never put together a book before or made a place setting out of clay or worked with any type of metal. I hope to continue making art up until the day I die and I believe that the various skills that I learned this year will aid me along the way.

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